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Jewelry Exchange San Diego

Wedding Rings San Diego

Discover Unique and Stunning Pieces at the Jewelry Exchange San Diego

At Nikki & Co. Fine Jewelers, we work harder to bring you the widest selection of wedding rings San Diego has available in one easy location. We not only source our stones and settings from some of the most notable jewelry designers from around the globe, we also actively curate the best in antique and estate pieces that feature timeless appeal.


Find Vintage Wedding Rings San Diego has Up for Grabs


At our jewelry exchange, we highlight the very best pieces found on the market from your neighborhood and across the country. Discover the beauty of a hand-cut diamond and the appeal of an 18k gold band burnished with age and love. We can size any ring to your fingers. Instead of a perfectly matched pair, find two different rings with their own stories that complement each side of your own relationship.


Contemporary or Antique Designs--You Pick


Embrace tradition with one of our wedding bands devoid of ornament. Select a band in your favorite metal from white gold to platinum to rose gold or zinc. Explore the options found in our designer section with intricate engravings and symbols that tell the story of your love. Find an antique piece that speaks to you and give it a new lease on life by adding your names and dates inside.


Surrounding the Diamond with Color


Would you like to be reminded of the vivacity of your time together each time you look at your wedding band? Ask about our layered rings that surround a central diamond with other precious gems, such as ruby, amethyst, or sapphire. No matter what type of wedding rings you envision on your hand, you will find a complete selection for sale in our display cabinets at Nikki & Co. Fine Jewelers today.

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